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Bad Chinese Apple

An atmosphere full of toxic dust. Dangerous explosions, underpaid and exploited workers surviving in a militaristic working environment. Illegal working practices and blatant profiteering.

Welcome to Apple, the entrepreneur’s darling.

We buy Apple products for their quality and beauty, for their slick interfaces, because they work the way we want them to work. We buy Apple because we want to be associated with the brand.

But when the brand goes this far off the rails, we have to start questioning our loyalties as customers. Do we really want to support a company that has known about the terrible working conditions of its staff for at least the past six years, and has done nothing to improve the situation?

Corporate Social Responsibility? Don’t make me laugh (all the way to the bank)

When we talk about Corporate Social Responsibility, we hope that big companies will do their best because they feel ethically obliged to do so. But at the very least we expect that they will make an effort because if they don’t we will think badly of them. Apparently, Apple don’t give a damn, either way. They think we won’t give a damn either, so desperate are we for their products.

I won’t be buying Apple until these issues are resolved.

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